Services Offered

Primary Care

We offer a full spectrum of primary care services in our clinic, which includes preventative health care as well as acute and chronic disease management. We also offer limited in-office laboratory testing and specialized laboratory testing. 

Work-In Appointment

We reserve several work-in appointment times each clinic day for patients with acute issues that need to be seen right away. We offer nurse visit appointments for issues that do not require a medical provider appointment. Please call to schedule a visit with our office nurse or medical assistant. We do not have walk-in clinic accessibility at this time.

Telehealth and Virtual Office Visit Appointments

In today’s healthcare world, convenience is key. Our providers offer Telehealth and Virtual Office visits using For patients who are homebound or just can’t take time off from work, you can save time and money by accessing care virtually.  Let the office know if you prefer a virtual office visit or a traditional in-person office visit. 

Annual and Preventative Health Exams

We provide comprehensive annual physicals and Medicare Wellness Exams for all of our patients interested in being healthy, staying healthy and getting healthier! 

Specialized Testing

We offer Cologuard colon cancer screening as well asGeneSight DNA testing, Cleveland Heart Lab and Myriad Heritary Cancer Screening.  We also offer testing through Genova Diagnostics, Great Plains Laboratory and DUTCH hormone testing.  

Skin Procedures

We offer cryotherapy for various types of skin lesions, warts and precancerous lesions as well as perform skin biopsies and excisions and place sutures for minor skin lacerations.

Ear Cleaning and Lavage

We can clean your ears if you have wax buildup with warm water irrigation and if needed using an ear curette.

Nutritional Consults

Our office is proud to provide co-visits with our functional nutritionist on staff to help us get to the root cause of disease processes as well as create nutritional, food-as-medicine dietary plans. 

Kindness and compassion

We offer all of our patients kindness and compassion. Whether you're here for a routine visit, or dealing with complicated health issues, we're here to listen, understand, and provide the best care possible.