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Available at Ashland Family Practice

For your convenience, we stock the following products in our office for purchase.

Product Name Brand Price ($)
ADKEvail Designs for Health 30.00
Alpha Lipoic Acid BioClinical Naturals 20.00
B Complex Metabolic Maintenance 40.00
Berberine Synergy Designs for Health 38.00
Biocidin Broad Spectrum Biocidin Botanicals 50.00
Biocidin LSF Liposomal Biocidin Botanicals 36.00
Biocidin TS Biocidin Botanicals 22.00
Biotonic Biocidin Botanicals 34.00
Iron Bisglycinate Thorne 12.00
CoQnol 100mg Designs for Health 36.50
Cortisol Manager 30 Integrative Therapeutic 23.00
Dentalcidin Toothpaste Biocidin Botanicals 25.00
Fibermend Thorne 34.00
GI Revive Designs for Health 66.00
HPA Adapt Integrative Therapeutic 33.00
L-Methylfolate 5mg Metabolic Maintenance 42.50
L-Methylfolate 10mg Metabolic Maintenance 69.00
Magnesium Glycinate Metabolic Maintenance 36.00
Melatonin IR/ER Life Extension 10.00
Memoractive Thorne 55.00
Methyl B12 Liposomal Quicksilver 44.00
Motility Activator Integrative Therapeutic 33.00
NAC 600mg Metabolic Maintenance 27.20
Olivirex Biocidin Botanicals 32.00
PhytoMulti Metagenics 59.95
ProOmega Nordic Naturals 42.00
Pro-Som Integrative Therapeutics 37.00